Subject Caution

In this current climate of general weirdness brought on by a variety of mass hysterias; Covid, Trump Derangement Syndrome, the lingering effects of Brexit there are so many subjects dear to my heart that I feel constrained not to discuss in public. This nervousness stems from the cancel culture and the generally uncivil nature of what passes for discussion of the big issues of the day at the present time. I feel that if I pitched into these subjects I would have to commit, whole hog, to a fight that would take up far too much of my time.

I have considered being politically active, in the past I sounded out how to become an MP, but I do not have the personal resources to be independent. Being a paid politician is the worst of all creatures, self-serving and dependent. I admire those people who, despite being comfortably off, choose to serve. It is an ideal that is far more difficult to achieve here and in this era than it is in the USA.

So, due to my cowardice, I shall steer clear of current affairs, politics and the state of the nation. Mostly. I may break this for the occasional rant about the shambolic incompetence of a particularly inept politico but that will be a shouty posting for another day.

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