The end of an era. HRH Prince Philip passed away this week. Much coverage in the press and elsewhere. Most of it at least respectful. Whatever your views of the institution of the monarchy he was still someone's husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather and a decorated veteran who used his position to help others. His … Continue reading R.I.P.

Followers… How Few Are Real!!!

At present the side hustles are jostling for attention with the day job and the need for a new day job and life in general so my blogging has slipped again. Which is bad. I promise that new content on the new book will be coming soon... I am excited about it, it is going … Continue reading Followers… How Few Are Real!!!

Prisoner No More!

I am not a number, I am a free man. It applied to Patrick McGoohan's character and it applies to me. Today I took a step I should have taken years ago. I deleted Facebook. I exterminated that permanent little grey cloud nagging in my phone and computer. It was not easy. Despite resolving to … Continue reading Prisoner No More!

Back Again & Clearing The Stables…

Well it has been a while since I blogged regularly. Which is poor but I have been busy. My second novel is taking shape, finally. I have also been getting into making cartoons, taking care of my silly side - hence Dave The Duck. Hopefully the fruits of that labour will appear in the near … Continue reading Back Again & Clearing The Stables…

Subject Caution

In this current climate of general weirdness brought on by a variety of mass hysterias; Covid, Trump Derangement Syndrome, the lingering effects of Brexit there are so many subjects dear to my heart that I feel constrained not to discuss in public. This nervousness stems from the cancel culture and the generally uncivil nature of … Continue reading Subject Caution

Shocked Myself…

Wellllll this is a wakeup call. I was doing an update for my book promo and was pretty focused on what I was doing. Then my phone beeped and I picked it up. Then I dropped down the rabbit hole. I clicked on an Instagram update. Then I scrolled down the latest junk on there. … Continue reading Shocked Myself…

Operation Whale… Part 2

Well, results from the dietbook. Spectacular. Starting at 207lbs I adopted the 800 calories a day Blood Sugar Diet and have watched the weight fall off over the last month. Another 14lbs have melted away. Which is one hell of a result but I still have a way to go, another 10lbs. This will be … Continue reading Operation Whale… Part 2

Operation Whale…Part 1 of probably quite a few

I was fat. No possibility of denying it in the end. I looked in the mirror and noted the increasing barrel around my middle. It wasn't really there. I ate a bit less. Nothing changed. Middle aged spread. I didn't like it but I wasn't gross. Really. Well lockdown changed that. I had an interesting … Continue reading Operation Whale…Part 1 of probably quite a few