The end of an era. HRH Prince Philip passed away this week. Much coverage in the press and elsewhere. Most of it at least respectful. Whatever your views of the institution of the monarchy he was still someone's husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather and a decorated veteran who used his position to help others. His … Continue reading R.I.P.

Followers… How Few Are Real!!!

At present the side hustles are jostling for attention with the day job and the need for a new day job and life in general so my blogging has slipped again. Which is bad. I promise that new content on the new book will be coming soon... I am excited about it, it is going … Continue reading Followers… How Few Are Real!!!

On The Serious Matter Of Pens

I write. Badly. I don't mean in the stylistic sense. At least I hope not. My handwriting is awful. Southpaws are legendary for this failing and I have true "doctor's writing", which is, I suppose, appropriate. However, you know you have a problem when you can't read your own degenerate scrawl. My solution to this … Continue reading On The Serious Matter Of Pens


In keeping with the resolution to be a better blogger and write regularly here I am. In Lockdown still. So that limits what you can talk about right? Well, up to a point. I can't bore on about my exciting social scene, partly because it was never that dramatic and partly because who gives a … Continue reading Juggling…

Lockdown, Resolutions & Micro Changes

I resolved to be a better blogger this year. To have a plan. To have a consistent theme to blog on and to write at least once a week. Well. You know what? I have failed to keep to this simple formula. But I am not downcast, here is why. Firstly, beating yourself up about … Continue reading Lockdown, Resolutions & Micro Changes

Prisoner No More!

I am not a number, I am a free man. It applied to Patrick McGoohan's character and it applies to me. Today I took a step I should have taken years ago. I deleted Facebook. I exterminated that permanent little grey cloud nagging in my phone and computer. It was not easy. Despite resolving to … Continue reading Prisoner No More!

Ely… The visit that nearly unravelled my plot…

It always pays to do some research, even, when as I am, you are creating your literary world. My novels are set in a post-apocalyptic but not dystopian future England, very roughly Edwardian society meets Tudor politics. This means that I can play a little bit with how things are in relative safety and the … Continue reading Ely… The visit that nearly unravelled my plot…

Subject Caution

In this current climate of general weirdness brought on by a variety of mass hysterias; Covid, Trump Derangement Syndrome, the lingering effects of Brexit there are so many subjects dear to my heart that I feel constrained not to discuss in public. This nervousness stems from the cancel culture and the generally uncivil nature of … Continue reading Subject Caution