Chapter 3 – Country Living

Sunlight poured in through the open curtains. White walls were polished a warm primrose yellow. Bird song was clear in the early morning calm. As I lay there a cold breeze came through the small open window and stroked my face, the contrast to the rest of me snug in the depths of the bed… Continue reading Chapter 3 – Country Living

Chapter 2 – Stage Door

Crossing the courtyard I waved to a couple of the carpenters who were working outside the hall. At one end of the great hall was the private theatre the Bishop maintained. I let myself in through the wicket in the double doors leading backstage. A barred window at the far end of the space showed… Continue reading Chapter 2 – Stage Door


Also a learning experience. I posted the first chapter of my first novel on Saturday as a blog post. I am, I hope honestly, proud of the book as a whole and hoped to obtain at least a few readings and comments, I do after all need to improve in the writing trade. I duly… Continue reading Disappointing…

Chapter 1 – October, Anno Domini 2153

Boredom had won and driven me out into the Old City with some of the usual suspects. Waking up on the couch in Diego’s scruffy flat was a painful experience. My mouth tasted foul. I had a crick in my neck and bruises on my ribs from things I had slept on. The tatty blanket… Continue reading Chapter 1 – October, Anno Domini 2153

Mindful Walking…

This lockdown time has been stressful in many ways. The lack of liberty, not seeing friends, uncertainty about our jobs and prospects. All very bad. We have to try and find what small comforts we can. Something I have been doing a lot more of is walking. This has been partly forced since I was… Continue reading Mindful Walking…

Shameful Neglect…and a FREEBIE!!!

Photo by Alexandr Nikulin from Pexels It has been a while since I wrote a proper blog post and I can only plead a whole heap of circumstances. Busy is one thing, but exhausted and clobbered by events was quite another. I normally write regularly so I have a stash of posts ready to go to cover me… Continue reading Shameful Neglect…and a FREEBIE!!!

Websites, Social Media & New Book

Lots of work has been expended in the Hope world recently on expanding my social media connections. I have blogged before about how much I hate it, and that is still true. Mainly because I don't like imposing on people, I don't like jumping up and down to get people to look at me. I… Continue reading Websites, Social Media & New Book

After The Deluge… Part 10: Telephones

A few people have queried some of the technology that is, and is not, present in my vision of a post-apocalyptic world. The commonest queries are about phones... no one seems to believe that the mobile phone (cell phone for our friends across the pond) would cease to exist! Many people of course can't imagine… Continue reading After The Deluge… Part 10: Telephones