Italian Inspiration Part 3

Venice gondolas

I wanted a close, almost claustrophobic, setting for my alt. history world in 'Renaissance'. I needed a space in which it was normal that people who wished to be discreet might disguise themselves, as a matter of course, as a response to societal oppression. I turned to the example of Venice. Alley in the back … Continue reading Italian Inspiration Part 3

Why Post-Apocalyptic But NOT Dystopian? Part 1

Despite my pen name I am optimistic about the future and believe that people will find ways to live and thrive whatever happens. The vast majority of people aspire to a peaceful life and there is, innate in the human, a concept of justice, of fairness. This general outlook informs my view about any post-apocalyptic … Continue reading Why Post-Apocalyptic But NOT Dystopian? Part 1