Another little snippet of the poeticish thoughts that cross my mind when out walking. The background pattern of leaves is just a picture I talk while trying to be mindful; focus on images that are ordinary and yet interesting when you notice them to keep the mind in the present.

More Dance…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmuTksCQP5w Just a quick one, I had to share these guys - love it.

After The Deluge… Part 5: Horse Power

shire horse black and white and colour image

The heavy horse. Beautiful. Strong. Reliable. Adaptable. These magnificent animals were vital to the whole economy of the western world until the turn of the twentieth century and played a significant role until the end of the second World War. My own great-grandfather spent his entire working life farming with heavy horses. Apost-apocalyptic world would … Continue reading After The Deluge… Part 5: Horse Power