Always Dream

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash For a cynical world a moment in time that I will never forget - the first appearance of Susan Boyle. A lady with a dream and a crowd full of people ready to sneer because of how she looked. I am always uplifted by this clip as she rams their mockery right… Continue reading Always Dream

After The Deluge… Part 4: Dance

ballet dancer

I have made use of dance in my plot, because, well, it has a long tradition of appearing in literature. Dancing allows people to be intimate, almost private, in a public space, it is a good opportunity to converse - used to great effect by Jane Austen for one. All very convenient for moving a… Continue reading After The Deluge… Part 4: Dance

After The Deluge…Part 3: Food

grilled sardines on metal plate painted wood background

Post-apocalyptic food. Is it ever mentioned? Rarely, except where it has been reduced to a joyless protein pill that meets all a human's nutritional needs or the terrifying Soylent Green. Speaking personally food is one of the great pleasures. I am sure, even in these neurotic times, I am not alone. Why should a recovering… Continue reading After The Deluge…Part 3: Food

After The Deluge… Part 2: Wood

Logo wood the original carbon fibre

Wood. The original carbon fibre composite. And still the best. Low energy, clean, green, recyclable, simple to work with and beautiful. Everything to like and universally available. A few years ago I happened across an old book, "Woodland Crafts in Britain" by an H. L. Edlin. Published just after the end of WW2 it chronicles… Continue reading After The Deluge… Part 2: Wood

After The Deluge… Part 1: Slow Train

Ffestiniog Railway - c1900

Following on from my little rant in the last couple of posts - too many 'Whys'?? - about our culture's obsession with speed, at the price of quality of life and experience, I thought I would start a series of articles on what I imagine post-apocalyptic life and technology might look like, starting with travel… Continue reading After The Deluge… Part 1: Slow Train

The Need For Speed… Part 2

Photo by Alex Powell from Pexels Why is the ability to get something done quickly often put ahead of the quality of what is done? People pay highly for fast food and yet it is often terrible. A little planning and thought, possibly even very slow thought, might yield a much better supper. Compare the takeaway fried sausage… Continue reading The Need For Speed… Part 2

The Need For Speed… Part 1

blurred cars in city street

Photo by Alex Powell from Pexels Why is speed and the ability to act or think quickly so prized? Speed of movement is itself intoxicating - we all love the rush from a very fast car or the shove a plane gives us at take-off, but why? Is it simply that fast movement is rare and often threatening… Continue reading The Need For Speed… Part 1

Venice’s Humble Warning…

Memorial to murdered Jews in Venice

Iwas scrolling through the massive number of photographs that I took on a trip to Venice and came upon this picture. Five modest brass plaques set into the pavement of an alley on the edge of Venice, commemorating the murders, during the Holocaust, of five women of the same family. Similar ones are scattered in… Continue reading Venice’s Humble Warning…

Italian Inspiration Part 3

Venice gondolas

I wanted a close, almost claustrophobic, setting for my alt. history world in 'Renaissance'. I needed a space in which it was normal that people who wished to be discreet might disguise themselves, as a matter of course, as a response to societal oppression. I turned to the example of Venice. Alley in the back… Continue reading Italian Inspiration Part 3