Well, I have bitten the bullet and produced a new cover for Renaissance. I am still not happy with it but it is more like more action adventure thriller covers so hopefully it will help sales. I have also radically trimmed the blurb... aiming for more punch. So much to learn, I could really use… Continue reading Recovered…

Shameful Neglect…and a FREEBIE!!!

Photo by Alexandr Nikulin from Pexels It has been a while since I wrote a proper blog post and I can only plead a whole heap of circumstances. Busy is one thing, but exhausted and clobbered by events was quite another. I normally write regularly so I have a stash of posts ready to go to cover me… Continue reading Shameful Neglect…and a FREEBIE!!!

Cover Up…

The issue is clear from reader feedback - my book cover does not reflect the contents. I am getting caught out in this mis-match. Some of my readers have been kind enough to get in touch and note that the cover suggests a much darker book than it actually is. It is not a dystopian… Continue reading Cover Up…

Social Media & Beer

They say you should only do social media sober. This is good advice that I am currently breaking...well ok I have had a pint in a very nice little pub near my home, sharing a moment with @theunnecessarypoet. Two minds with but a single thought... the conquest of social media.... well actually no, probably more… Continue reading Social Media & Beer

Websites, Social Media & New Book

Lots of work has been expended in the Hope world recently on expanding my social media connections. I have blogged before about how much I hate it, and that is still true. Mainly because I don't like imposing on people, I don't like jumping up and down to get people to look at me. I… Continue reading Websites, Social Media & New Book

Social Mediaaaaaaagh

It appears that you have to use social media to get noticed for just about any creative endeavour today. I had this explained to me by a very successful artist the other day who showed me how her business took off in only two years due to the exposure on social media. What mystifies me… Continue reading Social Mediaaaaaaagh

Positive Feedback?

cartoon hedgehog writer Erwin

As a novice novelist I am making plenty of mistakes. I am, it turns out, fallible. This is a shock to the system that I will recover from in time. Maybe. In 2030 or so. The whole process of writing my first book was great fun, I enjoyed choosing words, creating pictures in my mind,… Continue reading Positive Feedback?