Name Changes

Possibly a silly question but why do different languages have different names for the same place? Why do we not use the name used by whoever lives there??? I am genuinely interested in this - can anyone answer this question?

Social Mediaaaaaaagh

It appears that you have to use social media to get noticed for just about any creative endeavour today. I had this explained to me by a very successful artist the other day who showed me how her business took off in only two years due to the exposure on social media. What mystifies me… Continue reading Social Mediaaaaaaagh

Positive Feedback?

cartoon hedgehog writer Erwin

As a novice novelist I am making plenty of mistakes. I am, it turns out, fallible. This is a shock to the system that I will recover from in time. Maybe. In 2030 or so. The whole process of writing my first book was great fun, I enjoyed choosing words, creating pictures in my mind,… Continue reading Positive Feedback?

Sourcing Images And Graphics…

coloured paint brushes

Photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist on Unsplash I used ShutterStock for the base images on my novel cover and to be fair the prices were reasonable and the choice was huge. I cannot afford to do this for day-to-day images to make my blog look prettier but there is help at hand: there are lots of… Continue reading Sourcing Images And Graphics…