Yet Another Poetry Nibble…

Another mindful walk through woodland in Spring...

A Little More Poetry…

Trying to capture that moment of when the wind riles the trees in empty woodland and you are alone with the creatures and the spirits of the place. Where I used to live, when the working world got a bit too much I used to take a day off and head out into the woods … Continue reading A Little More Poetry…


Another little snippet of the poeticish thoughts that cross my mind when out walking. The background pattern of leaves is just a picture I talk while trying to be mindful; focus on images that are ordinary and yet interesting when you notice them to keep the mind in the present.

Social Media & Beer

They say you should only do social media sober. This is good advice that I am currently breaking...well ok I have had a pint in a very nice little pub near my home, sharing a moment with @theunnecessarypoet. Two minds with but a single thought... the conquest of social media.... well actually no, probably more … Continue reading Social Media & Beer

Small Pleasures… Part 1

There are so many simple things in life that cost nothing but give me pleasure that I need to focus on and be mindful of... Sitting under my fishing umberella, or in a tent, on a warm still summmer day when it is raining hard but there is no wind so I am cosy and … Continue reading Small Pleasures… Part 1

Scribblings…Part 2

black and white of peoples feet while dancing

The other side of an evening of tango is when it goes wrong. I try to be philosophical about these times but... well in this case I waxed poetic: Mournful beat of a heart that is not mine,Alone in the crowded room, Packed tight among the writhing crush,Ungainly steps faltering, clashingDiscord among harmonyA dodgem amidst the waltz. Despite feeling so smallThere is nowhere to hide!

Scribblings… Part 1

I have no previous as a poet - in fact I am not sure that this is poetry at all but I was describing the rain covered window and it seemed quite neat so here it is: Rain on the pane, Races its track. Stoic drops in its wake. Markers of moments. Of pause and … Continue reading Scribblings… Part 1