Subject Caution

In this current climate of general weirdness brought on by a variety of mass hysterias; Covid, Trump Derangement Syndrome, the lingering effects of Brexit there are so many subjects dear to my heart that I feel constrained not to discuss in public. This nervousness stems from the cancel culture and the generally uncivil nature of … Continue reading Subject Caution

Shocked Myself…

Wellllll this is a wakeup call. I was doing an update for my book promo and was pretty focused on what I was doing. Then my phone beeped and I picked it up. Then I dropped down the rabbit hole. I clicked on an Instagram update. Then I scrolled down the latest junk on there. … Continue reading Shocked Myself…

The Summer Of Lockdown… Did I learn anything?

This has not, needless to say, been a fun summer. Since the idiocy carries on my level of stress and grumpiness will no doubt continue to rise. Eat your heart out Victor Meldrew. I did not become a super baker, the need to lose a load of weight took care of that but did I … Continue reading The Summer Of Lockdown… Did I learn anything?

Bad Blogger…

I have been a bad blogger... I have neglected my writing. I have neglected my new book too. I have made good progress but I have got distracted. Reasons for distraction are numerous and none of them very good. Firstly, exhaustion. I have been working without a break since Christmas and I need a holiday. … Continue reading Bad Blogger…

New Layout

So how does the new layout look? Does it work for you? I am aiming for clean, smart, unfussy but also thematically appropriate to my writing... all part of the marketing spin that I need to get right before my new novel hits the lists, looking to be toward the spring of 2021 now since … Continue reading New Layout

Envy… is corrosive

I am not by nature an envious person but I received a bit of a shock today. Someone I was at school with was writing in a national newspaper. This has happened before. This chap has had a wildly successful business career, made a pile and is doing other things now. He was a complete … Continue reading Envy… is corrosive

Operation Whale… Part 2

Well, results from the dietbook. Spectacular. Starting at 207lbs I adopted the 800 calories a day Blood Sugar Diet and have watched the weight fall off over the last month. Another 14lbs have melted away. Which is one hell of a result but I still have a way to go, another 10lbs. This will be … Continue reading Operation Whale… Part 2

Operation Whale…Part 1 of probably quite a few

I was fat. No possibility of denying it in the end. I looked in the mirror and noted the increasing barrel around my middle. It wasn't really there. I ate a bit less. Nothing changed. Middle aged spread. I didn't like it but I wasn't gross. Really. Well lockdown changed that. I had an interesting … Continue reading Operation Whale…Part 1 of probably quite a few