More Dance… Just a quick one, I had to share these guys - love it.

Scribblings…Part 2

black and white of peoples feet while dancing

The other side of an evening of tango is when it goes wrong. I try to be philosophical about these times but... well in this case I waxed poetic: Mournful beat of a heart that is not mine,Alone in the crowded room, Packed tight among the writhing crush,Ungainly steps faltering, clashingDiscord among harmonyA dodgem amidst the waltz. Despite feeling so smallThere is nowhere to hide!

Friday Evening…

They say write about what you I did. In my free time away from the keyboard I dance. Not in a club with ear shredding music but a social space where people can dance and talk. Tango has been a part of my life for more than fifteen years. Depending on the time … Continue reading Friday Evening…

Is It Tango? Or Something Else? Part 3

tango dancers pose

Finally, my personal favourite: the Milonga. Typically Milonga is fast, joyful and energetic as in the first video. It can also be a wonderful slow dance, as in the second clip - again to a personal favourite composer, Hugo Diaz. Milonga is a slightly earlier form of tango. The difference between the Milonga and the … Continue reading Is It Tango? Or Something Else? Part 3

Is It Tango? Or Something Else? Part 2

tango dancers pose

The next form of Tango - still very much part of the canon and very popular is the Vals or tango waltz. It is danced to a waltz beat and some of the style borrows from the classic ballroom waltz.

Is It Tango? Or Something Else? Part 1

tango dancers pose

In an earlier piece I tried to make the case that dance is a universal human activity that would survive a societal calamity. I think that, given the historical evidence, that is probably true. Next question is what kind of dance would survive? I have assumed in Renaissance that the Tango, famously from Argentina, would … Continue reading Is It Tango? Or Something Else? Part 1