Ihave created a series of adventure thrillers set in a possible, neo-medieval world. Murder and mayhem are the order of the day as the series starts in an England split on religious lines after a global pandemic and civil war. The back story is post-apocalyptic but also non-dystopian, a vision of hope and recovery; a society that is rebuilding, small scale, intimate, where life can be hard but also intense. The books, paperback and e-book, are listed in order and below that are selected blog posts that expand on the back story and the world that I have created.


England. 2153 AD. After a global pandemic; a post-apocalyptic world, a new middle ages. After a century of plague and civil war the present peace and hopeful future are threatened by power, politics and treason. Medieval politics dominate an England divided by fundamentalist religion. After more than thirty years of uneasy peace the country is rebuilding itself. A new era with old problems; political violence and profiteering, lawlessness and twisted piety, but also a more vivid humanity and hope as people rediscover how to live rather than merely survive.

The northern Emirate is crumbling; power is draining from the hands of the ailing Emir, the peacemaker, to his venal and murderous eldest son. Resentment is rife and rebellion stirs as the corruption stretches out from the court and across the nation. In the south the ruling Bishop struggles to retain power and rein in the factions bent on a crusade to destroy the north for faith and profit. The balance of the fragile peace is threatened by a series of bizarre gangland killings in the underground Old City. The betrayal and murder of a government spy investigating forged coins points to the involvement of the Emirate.

Benedict Fuller, ex-soldier, court painter, sometime agent, is propelled, from the darkly brutal slums of the Old City to the hypocrisy of a gilded high society speakeasy in the New Town and far beyond, on the trail of a murderer and traitor. On the way he must trust new friends and fear old ones. Can he prevent the descent to war? Will his world ever be the same?

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Coming soon… Benedict and Leila return for more close calls, murder, adventure and intrigue as they try to prevent secrets falling into the wrong hands and stay one step ahead of their enemies…

Back Story

To keep the story alive and avoid the pitfalls of over explaining the world I have invented quite a lot is left to the reader’s imagination and understanding. I have written a series of blog posts that explain some of the key decisions I made when trying to build, what I hope, is a consistent world with a logic and culture that is based on historic precedents.

Libum Roman cheesecake

Ancient Food… Part 1

In thinking about a post-apocalyptic world I spent quite a lot of time thinking about food. Nothing new then! Food and the enjoyment of food, as I have observed before, is a universal human trait. What sort of food might people in such an England enjoy? One thing is for certain; that mass produced, packaged… Continue reading Ancient Food… Part 1


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