The end of an era. HRH Prince Philip passed away this week. Much coverage in the press and elsewhere. Most of it at least respectful. Whatever your views of the institution of the monarchy he was still someone’s husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather and a decorated veteran who used his position to help others. His family, along with many in this nation and throughout the Commonwealth, will mourn the loss of a figure who represented stability and continuity.

Pity then that his grandson appears to have sided with the woke and the ruder type of republican and sent a mealy mouthed corporate statement of condolence. Your own grandpa and you can’t get beyond a cold two line statement? As for the tiny minority of pathetic wasters that apparently appeared outside Buckingham Palace to celebrate this man’s end, all I would say is that be careful that people don’t celebrate your passing in the same way. No one should die alone and no one should have people gloating over the fact. Rest in peace then Prince Philip and my condolences to Her Majesty and the rest of your family.

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