Followers… How Few Are Real!!!

At present the side hustles are jostling for attention with the day job and the need for a new day job and life in general so my blogging has slipped again. Which is bad. I promise that new content on the new book will be coming soon… I am excited about it, it is going really well and shaping to be better than my first, which was pretty good. If reviewers are to be believed, and they are dammit, they are, the customer is never wrong.

So I have not been keeping a beady eye on this blog for a little while. Time for a spring clean. I looked at my followers. I was horrified by the number of blatant ad placements and dubious punters. These have now hit the trash. Question is, does all this work? I am assuming that it must, at some level, otherwise people would not do it. Or are they all following these adverts that promise you a five and six figure a month passive income from Amazon? How does that work? I mean, if these schemes worked no one using them would tell anyone, they would employ staff to work the scheme at 15 bucks an hour and get seriously rich. They don’t. They ‘give away’ the ‘secret’. Old old saying, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. So are these people filling up my follower list with short lived blogs all pushing internet marketing advice actually real at all, or are they computer generated wastes of electrons? Not sure. Only mildly curious.

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