Bad Blogger…

I have been a bad blogger… I have neglected my writing. I have neglected my new book too. I have made good progress but I have got distracted. Reasons for distraction are numerous and none of them very good.

Firstly, exhaustion. I have been working without a break since Christmas and I need a holiday. odd thing, when I get tired I go insomniac. Helpful. Really sweet. This has helped my writing a bit because there are no distractions at 3am and I can write on my Remarkable without getting blue light. A mug of cocoa and an hour struggling with murder and mayhem and I can get enough shuteye to survive the working day.

Another distraction has been a bad back. Minimising my sitting up time has been a priority and that has had to be given to the day job. Mercifully that has gone away and a little gentle exercise in the gym has been done without howls of pain so I guess I am on the mend.

Finally once that was overcome, I have become obsessed with trying to learn Blender. Blender is a FREE animation package that lets you make movie grade animations. I have my first in production at the moment, a fifteen second short I plan to use on Reels to advertise ‘Renaissance’. I also have much bigger plans for fun cartoons. Way back in the day I did a cartoon strip which was great on paper, but I always wanted to animate it. Now 2D is good. 3D is better right? Sooooo that is in the pipeline too. But first things first, a very simple scene with no radically, comically changed shapes or super complex surface textures and a natty little animated figure. As I get more proficient I might even post a few videos of work in progress and tips I have picked up from people who really know how to do this… keep your eyes open for amazing book trailers!

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