It’s 3AM…

It’s 3AM and I can’t sleep. Again. Another bout of insomnia has caught up with me and as usual I am getting by on about four hours of interrupted sleep. It is a sure sign I need a holiday, but what to do and where to go with all these lockdowns and quarantines?

I haven’t had any time off since Christmas except for a week ill with what was probably corona virus; clearly I need a break. But. There is huge pressure not to take time off, both with the day job situation as it is and an unwillingness to go places which are un-free. I want to relax on a holiday, not observe whatever fanciful new ritual has been dreamt up in my absence. I want to go somewhere sunny and far away and take in a different place and pace of life. Sadly that means airports and scanning and quarantine.

Do you have habits or symptoms that clearly tell you that you need to take time off? For me there are several, a bad back, stopping sleeping and irrational worrying are three giveaway signs. In the absence of sleep and anything less demanding to do I shall potter off and write another chapter of my new novel in a bit and hope to get to sleep by dawn. Thank heaven this is Saturday morning…

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