Also a learning experience. I posted the first chapter of my first novel on Saturday as a blog post. I am, I hope honestly, proud of the book as a whole and hoped to obtain at least a few readings and comments, I do after all need to improve in the writing trade. I duly gave it what I thought was an eye catching cover image and plenty of suitable tags to attract new browsers.

The result was deafening. Silence. Two readers, you know who you are and I am truly grateful! My odd little fill up post on Wednesday did better, waaay better. Now this is very interesting. Is WordPress the place to serialise a novel? Or even offer taster chapters as I am doing? Did I just get the tags utterly wrong so no one could find it even if they were interested? Still trying to work that one out. The cross link from Insta is coming in a couple of days so it will be interesting to see if the call to action there makes any difference.

Still baffled and similarly confused by what makes good book blurb, the fine art of crafting a paragraph or two that will drive people to part with their cash and settle in for the day to read your work. Any thoughts on either of these subjects? Good resources you have found?

The only answer is to carry on. Keep trying. Eventually it will come good.

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