Fascinating Discussion…

I have to share this incredibly fascinating discussion from Dr David Starkey about the Wuhan virus and the aftermath in Britain. He traces historical pandemics and how they have had more or less profound effects but at a high human cost. He makes the distinction about this virus – that the cost in human life has been low in historical terms, but the self-inflicted economic cost has been catastrophic. He analyses why this was the case; in particular the preservation of the image of the NHS, the only functional religion we now have in Britain. This organization is the embodiment of the modern belief that death doesn’t happen, that it is avoidable and unnatural, instead of an inevitable and integral part of what it means to be human. The whole interview is quite long but absolutely gripping. His logic is clear and remorseless, there is no room for self-deception and his vision for the future, of rebuilding our country, resurrecting our manufacturing base and rejecting the dispiriting, inward looking, managed decline nostrums of the ruling class is inspiring.

A thought of my own to follow on with: if the mass of the people despair of technology to keep them alive forever in a secular world, the inevitability of death remains a constant, then what? The return of a strong religious life is surely very likely? The human needs hope, even in the face of the greatest mystery. We have to believe that there is more than this world, another iPhone, more plastic garbage from China that we are temporary users of before it hits landfill, cheap thrills and reality TV. Does this otherwise insignificant virus act as the trigger point for this in the West?

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