Well, I have bitten the bullet and produced a new cover for Renaissance. I am still not happy with it but it is more like more action adventure thriller covers so hopefully it will help sales. I have also radically trimmed the blurb… aiming for more punch. So much to learn, I could really use a boost on this front, with the next book well under way.

Anno Domini 2153. Religion divides an England rebuilding after more than a century of plague and civil war. In the latest of a series of killings in the underground Old City a government spy is betrayed and murdered.
Benedict Fuller is set to find the traitor. A slow dance in a high-class speakeasy with the mysterious Leila puts them both on the high road to adventure.
Together they must escape old enemies, rescue new friends and find the truth behind the killings, to foil a plot that could lead to war…

Get your copy from Amazon:

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