Some people converse. Some people talk. Some people communicate. My neighbours shout. They only seem able to interact at maximum volume, ideally with cussing in between, punctuated by slammed doors. This is not restful. It also seems to fail to get their respective messages across!

Even when not actually aggressive to each other the effect is stressful. Shrill, screeching, strident. it makes me angry and shatters the calm I try and create at home. Self-indulgent I know but I spend my working days constantly pressured for answers, under time pressure, while feeling that I have to fake it until I make it. Which is hideous. The last thing I need is screaming at home. Especially not from people I have nothing to do with.

Is shouting at each other the normal thing? Is it given the green light by our soap operas, since they seem to be peopled only by angry people? Or am I weird? Or maybe unreasonable? Quite possibly both!

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