Shameful Neglect…and a FREEBIE!!!

Photo by Alexandr Nikulin from Pexels

It has been a while since I wrote a proper blog post and I can only plead a whole heap of circumstances. Busy is one thing, but exhausted and clobbered by events was quite another. I normally write regularly so I have a stash of posts ready to go to cover me through times like these, well not this time….

First exhaustion hit. Only three months after Christmas but what with starting the sequel to ‘Renaissance’ in the evenings, full on blogging, Instagramming (shameless promotional slutting has NOT yielded results – advice on how to get people talking about my work would be much appreciated!!!) and a busy time with the day job; I needed a holiday. So I duly booked one for the end of March in a lovely little get away in rural Devon and clung on grimly.

Then!!! In the space of three weeks things got a bit surreal. I was side-swiped on the motorway by a 40 tonne truck. I was fine, but my nearly new car was written off. Then I went away with my girlfriend for the holiday, only to get hauled back home by the covid-19 lockdown. We duly went into hibernation, trying to video call each other. She went to lock down with her mother in the country while I had to stay in town and work from home. Then ten days into the lockdown I had to furlough my team and the day after I was dumped by video call… that’s SnapChat I guess!

Hence the lack of focus on blogging, so like Mole, coming back to his calm if slightly shabby little home, I am returning to blogging and writing things that will hopefully amuse.

By the way – my post-pandemic adventure thriller ‘Renaissance’ is available for free as an e-book on Amazon on Friday 8th May and Saturday 9th May 2020. This is by way of celebrating a new cover, hopefully a bit more dramatic and enlightening about what is going on inside…. Follow the link:

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