Social Media & Beer

They say you should only do social media sober. This is good advice that I am currently breaking…well ok I have had a pint in a very nice little pub near my home, sharing a moment with @theunnecessarypoet. Two minds with but a single thought… the conquest of social media…. well actually no, probably more emphasis on the beer.

Ihave found loitering, writing in pubs, especially in the present company, quite helpful. Snippets of conversation will reappear in my writing and the ambience is right for my more relaxed scenes… which coincidentally seem to happen in the ideal pubs of my imaginings.

What makes a great pub for you? For me I think well kept beer, good, simple food, no games machines or televisions….exceptions for international rugby and football! In an ideal world games, especially skittles and really odd decor, possibly just a bit on the battered side… answers below!

thumbnail Renaissance cover

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