Doors…an odd obsession!

I had thought I was a little strange being so interested in doors. I often take pictures of them when I am visiting a new town. They are largely neglected in the modern era, I think. Historically doors have been a building’s bling and quite right too. I am apparently not alone in this nuttiness since there is a substantial post stream on Instagram devoted to doors… fewer than Kardashians, but hey, I am not mainstream! By the way, my Instagram is it is a thing of beauty and maybe a joy for a moment!

Back to doors. I always wonder what is behind them, what stories have begun or ended there. Doors can be the entrance to a new life, the church door, the pub door. Or they might be the beginning of the end of it, the hospital door, the prison door. Next time you pass through any kind of door take another look at it and around it, for the details that you have never bothered to notice before.

The style of a door tells you a lot about the place you are in and the world when the building was built… the carved and gilded richness of a renaissance palace door, as opposed to the flat plywood functionality of your office fire door. The character of a door makes a room and the impression they make can affect your mood, who would describe a prison cell without a detailed image of the door, of its solidity and impregnability? The office door is synonymous with the monotony of life in the open-plan space beyond. Doors can set your scene alive in the reader’s mind.

thumbnail Renaissance cover

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