Friday Evening…

They say write about what you know…so I did. In my free time away from the keyboard I dance. Not in a club with ear shredding music but a social space where people can dance and talk.

Tango has been a part of my life for more than fifteen years. Depending on the time of year I dance at least one night of the weekend. It is a dance that requires a great deal of practice and an excellent memory… so I am halfway to greatness!

What makes tango worth while for me? Well… I suppose I view it almost as a performance sport; set piece moves practiced until the technique is right and performance is automatic. When things go well, right music, right partner, the sequences flow automatically and for three minutes you are away together in a bubble where everything works perfectly, you are aware and yet slightly separate. The music ends and you fall out of the trance slightly high and breathless. This is a rare event for me but it makes it worth it.

thumbnail Renaissance cover

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