Social Mediaaaaaaagh

It appears that you have to use social media to get noticed for just about any creative endeavour today. I had this explained to me by a very successful artist the other day who showed me how her business took off in only two years due to the exposure on social media. What mystifies me is why it works!

Who tweets or posts all the time and who has the inclination or energy to hunt stuff down on Facebook etc? Why do they do it? Am I about to try and feed their habit? Why does seeing something on someones social media feed make you more inclined to buy? Even more importantly since I write under a pen name and don’t want to use my friends as a spring board how do I make any connections at all???

A lot of questions and none that seem to have obvious answers to me…any thoughts welcome! Where did you start to get noticed? How have you found different platforms?

thumbnail Renaissance cover

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