Ancient Food… Part 2

Since I can’t beat this one, I will join them – I loved this article on grilled flat breads, baked over an open fire. This is definitely something that people did in the past all over the world and still do today. The Romans and the Vikings both made flat breads this way when on campaign. I plan to try making breads this way on a barbecue as soon as possible, which I suppose means next June. I also envy these guys the freedom of the wide open spaces of Alaska, if not the winters!

Come to that another of open fire cooking episode on is also worth a look. Dutch ovens are another very old cooking technique, the Romans used them for baking for certain and they remained vital until recently. They feature regularly in articles on one of my favourite YouTube channels – Townsends – which is all about 18th century cooking, the food of the colonial era and the early United States.

Headline image by JoshM from Pixabay

thumbnail Renaissance cover

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