Drink Deep…

I saw the advert above on the back of a magazine the other day and it prompted a few thoughts. Simple fact: people like beer. Some argue that humans learned to farm grains purely to be sure that they had a supply to make beer. The pub was an essential social space in most English communities until very recent times.

Pubs are dying in modern Britain for many reasons: people are watching television and using the net rather than going out and meeting their neighbours. Towns and villages where a lot of people commute to work also are a problem for pubs because no one has a reason to go there and interact with strangers; there is a lack of connection outside the boozer that makes it less relevant.

Finally, health concerns and problem drinking – a slightly backwards thought: encourage people to go to the pub. Cut taxes on drink in pubs and put them up on home consumption. Why? Because the landlord already has a legal duty to prevent people from drinking to excess and a social space might make people less lonely, thus encouraging them to drink less and form other sporting and social groups… Cheers.


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