Why Post-Apocalyptic But NOT Dystopian? Part 1

Despite my pen name I am optimistic about the future and believe that people will find ways to live and thrive whatever happens. The vast majority of people aspire to a peaceful life and there is, innate in the human, a concept of justice, of fairness. This general outlook informs my view about any post-apocalyptic world that might emerge.

The sort of future life portrayed in many post-apocalyptic books and films, for example Blade Runner or Mad Max are either de-humanising and oppressive, or utterly lawless. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Blade Runner and it asks many fascinating questions about what it means to be human. My objections are these:

  • Would people actively choose to live in a world like that?
  • Large scale oppression and coercion is a lot easier in a populous, urban state with a high level of technology to enable the use of surveillance and provide the manpower to enforce it.
  • The majority seek a level of order and peace that curbs the maniac.
  • The basic requirements of these dystopian worlds could not be met.

The fact that North Korea exists and that I am writing to an empty screen are maybe the only answers I need! Maybe my optimism is misplaced but in the next few posts I shall give some of the reasons why I think that this is not likely to be the world that stumbles out of the wreckage.


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